The hidden worlds of Akureyri


Akureyri is located on one of Iceland’s strongest energy lines. The main energy lines which flows from the glacier of Hofsjökull to the high north fills the Eyjafjörður area with light and moves towards the mountain Kaldbakur.

This is the domain of elves and hidden beings, here is eternal spring and happiness even though the outward appearance is cold and wintery.

Those are the words of Erla Stefánsdóttir pianoteacher and seer. She is the author of the map The Hidden Worlds of Akureyri which can be ordered here.

Publisher’s preface

My friend, the seer Erla Stefánsdóttir, has a wonderful eye for things. She sees and perceives frequency spectrums that are hidden from normal human perception. For a long time I have dreamed of her drawing the hidden worlds and beings of the Akureyri-area. Dear friend, here is the map! Go forth into nature and join the adventure with us.

Greetings of peace and love.

Katrín Jónsdóttir

The Hidden Worlds of Akureyri is published in
Icelandic, English and German and can be purchased in the following places in Akureyri:

Tourist Information, Hof cultural and conference center

Flóra, Hafnarstræti 90

Orders via e-mail: or telephone +354 895 7333.

The Hidden Worlds of Akureyri ISK 2.500

Previously published by Erla Stefánsdóttir:

Lífssýn mín. pub. 2003

Örsögur Erlu. pub. 2007


Akureyri the Angeltown

Are there flowerelves in a flower and dwarfs in a stone? Do guardian angels excist?

We hope to increase respect and care for nature and the amazing Life itself. There is so much more than your eyes can see!

Map of the hidden worlds - Introduction

My perception appears to be unique and I would like you to approach it as if it was an adventure. Nature herself and our planet reverberate on a spectrum that contains seven times seven energy fields. On this map of Akureyri we have beings that reside on seven planes of existence and the energy lines permeate three dimensions. The thought-forms also exist in three distinct dimensions. This map was designed and produced in the hope that you and others may hopefully perceive the nature behind nature and thus inspire greater respect for our surroundings and the land itself.

My main concern is the message that we are all one. That has been the inspiration for making this perception public.

If you want to join me for this adventure, look at the map and engage your heart. Go to the places that appeal to you and use the meditations. Those areas of adventure might open up for you.

Enjoy in silence and happiness.

                    Erla Stefánsdóttir

Nature’s energy

All forms of life are filled with flowing and potent energy which resonates its own symphony and which is the inner manifestation of matter. Mother Earth is a living vibrant being, powerful and sentient. The veins of the land are energy lines, a living light which flows between the focal points that connect the greater and lesser energy centres, the vegetation belts and the worlds of the elves. In England they are known as ley lines or leys, in China they are known as Dragon Paths and the Australian aborigines refer to them as Song-lines. They transmit power and happiness. There are seven energy centres in Iceland and over them tower the brightest mountain-spirit of the land.

The main centre is in the glacier of Hofsjökull (Temple-glacier), which emanates light-strings over 12 energy fields. They extend from blue water-lines that are part of the higher physical force-field up to golden lines from the crown chakra or the highest energy centre of the land which exist on the so-called “intuitive plane”. The lines connect the four regional powers known as “land-wights” which we know from the national emblem of Iceland. In the West we have the Snæfells-glacier, in the North Kaldbakur, in the East the mountain Snæfell, in the South the glacier of Mýrdalsjökull and then we also have the Mountain-Queen: Herðubreið and the Prince: Hlöðufell.